Personal Development & Dreamboard Workshops For Women in Durham Region & Clarington

Women’s MasterMind Networking Event in Durham Region

A Women’s Mastermind & Networking Event in Whitby ON

A Unique Event For Women In Business in Durham Region

Feeling stuck or alone in your business?

Have an idea you’d like feedback on?

Need some solid advice, guidance and ideas from other Women in Business?

Join us for the Mastermind Brainstorming Brunch! It’s Networking, Masterminding and Brainstorming all in one! Join me and my TRIBE for this inspiring, motivating business brunch!

Why should you be alone? 

connection iconAs women in business for herself, it can be very lonely. We have ideas… with no one to bounce them off of. We have questions we need help with and don’t know where to turn. Sometimes… we just need to know we’re not the only one dealing with sh*t!

Why should you be alone when we all get stuck in our heads and get discouraged, de-motivated or OVERWHELMED.

Unfortunately, there isn’t always a safe space to bounce ideas, share our struggles and get the help we so desperately need. So I created one…

Here’s why you are coming out to this one…
New entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans like me, we ALL need support, mentorship and opportunities for growth and collaboration. I want to offer a NEW way to do it! I think you’re going to love it. The first sold out event with over 35 local women in business loved it, so I think we’re on to something! OK, here’s what to expect.

Registering & Pairing
When you register and reserve your spot, you will receive a super short set of questions to answer about your business and current challenge that has you in a funk. Your answers help me to pair you up a table with people who have skills and expertise to help you with your current challenge and help you get out of your funk and into your flow.

I’m getting excited for you just thinking about it because the last event was a room buzzing with ideas and excitement and elevation as these amazing women lifted one another up and shared real tools and tips to get unstuck. Pretty awesome right?

Like Old Friends
This tribe of local business women are awesome and just like you- eager to grow & eager to help others on their way to success. As your tribe leader I’m here to welcome you and get you seated with your paired up peeps when you arrive. No awkward milling about a room full of strangers here!

We’re like old friends – very comfortable – so please join us, ok? We want you here to share your wisdom (oh yes, you have lots of wisdom to share), and to take the tidbits you need from us to get going and growing again.

I Want You To Dream Bigger!
Think you’re not good enough? Not as good as her? That you can never compete with her so why even try?

Think again my friend. You are a unique entity with a set of skills and wisdom that nobody else has – NOBODY – and only you can rock that special you-ness.

I truly believe in the Law Of Abundance and I know that there is enough work and unique clients for each and every one of us. If you have forgotten this, please come out and brainstorm and mastermind and network with my tribe so we can remind you and help you perk up your energy, your confidence…and your new fab clients! Dream bigger my friend – you can do it!

Come Hungry!
Come hungry – I’m feeding you yummy breakfasty things and there will also be coffee, tea, juice and water.

OK, LET’S RECAP… you will receive:

  • Questions to answer to help me pair you with people who can help you unfunk
  • Assigned seating- no awkward roaming
  • Networking with local business women
  • Brainstorming & mastermind activities led by me – Jenny McKee
  • A renewed sense of energy and clarity for your business
  • Yummy foods and caffeine

Mastermind Networking Event Details

Join us at our NEW location – Port Whitby Marina on the 2nd Thursday from 10:30am-1:30pm each month!  Click on the upcoming dates below to register, limited seating… register soon!

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