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Hey there,

Perhaps you read my Meet Jenny bio page and want some more… here I am – an open book.

Cheers from my favourite place on the planet... the front dock at my cottage :)

Cheers from my favourite place on the planet… the front dock at my cottage 🙂

  • I have been known to drop the F-bomb quite a bit.  I have a bit of a potty mouth (but don’t worry, I CAN control it when required!) I am leading the FF movement (Fucking Fabulous) and OWNING my fabulous-ness.
  • My husband and I met in high school in the 80’s… and started dating the year after.  In May 2016 we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, and we’ve been together for over 24 years! Shocking right?? I look like I’m in my 30’s yes??  ha ha!
  • I’m from Toronto, but have lived in Bowmanville for the past 15 years.  My hubby and I have lived in Scarborough, Ajax and for a few years on Chemong Lake in Ennismore.
  • I have two beautiful, smart, talented daughters who are 16 & 18 that are my pride and joy (and also my headaches and pain in the butt…)
  • I LOVE MY WINE… white only (I love a good Pino if you feel like treating!)
  • I think tattoo’s are ART and love seeing the individuality of each one.  I have a few, and plan on getting more soon.  My hubby has both his arms full… and our youngest is just WAITING until she is 18 to get one (yup, I’m that mean mom that is making them wait!) My 18 yr old and I went for mother daughter tattoo’s this summer as her birthday gift… now she’s hooked and has already gotten more! I’ve created a monster…
  • My favourite place in the world is at my cottage.  Our cottage is on an island on Stoney Lake and has been in my family for over 140 years!  The other 5 cottages are owned by other relatives.
  • I’ve been self employed for almost 18 years . My first business was a home Childcare Centre (I have my ECE), I’ve also had my own business as a Professional Organizer (Yup, neat freak here!) and co-founded a Wellness Retreat & Event Centre in Durham Region.  I’ll never go back to a “J.O.B.” again.
  • I LOVE being at the front of the room and speaking in front of large crowds… but not so comfortable on camera.
  • As much as I am VERY outgoing and bubbly… I am also an introvert, and need my alone time.
  • I love to paint, draw & doodle… anything crafty, I like it! (well except knitting, never got into that!)
  • I DON’T do Seafood.  At all.  I also can’t eat meat off a bone (no wings or ribs for me), don’t like maple syrup (so UN-Canadian of me) and am a very picky eater.
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pizza.
  • My dream trip is to go to Greece, Italy and Spain.  Oh, Australia and Fiji sound good too!
  • I am TOTALLY a cat person (we have 2) and although I love my dog Casey, she will be our last! (but I will never be without a cat!)
  • I consider myself quite spiritual, but not at all religious. I believe in Chakras, Energy Healing, Spirits, Angel Cards and all that “woo woo” stuff.
  • I LOVE bright, vibrant colours (shocking I know!) … my kitchen is electric blue, my living room lime green and office is “Passion Purple”  I don’t “do” neutrals very well!!
  • My hair… well, it’s been every colour, and every style… mostly pixie cuts.  It’s been in the growing out phase off and on through 2016… but cutting it back short this September!
  • Aerobic exercise and me… well we don’t hang out that much!  Yoga & 10K walks are more my speed!
  • I love to read and usually go through about 10 books a month… mostly fiction, mystery and romance (and of course, personal development)
  • I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE American Idol fan (SO sad that it’s over!) and BAWL my eyes out pretty much every show seeing people realize their dreams.
  • My BIG Dream… is to be paid to travel and speak at Conferences & Retreats around the world.
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