Personal Development & Dreamboard Workshops For Women in Durham Region & Clarington

Inspiring Connection in Local Women



Social and Business Events for women who are looking to connect with others, develop new friendships and explore their own potential.  Personal Development & Connection all in one!

As women, we NEED community… and thrive when we have that support, guidance and connection with other women. Join me and the other fabulous women in my TRIBE as we explore who we are, share our stories and get connected on a deeper level.

I’ve been running women’s business networking groups for over 10 years! BUT… know what I realized?? I had so many friends and women I met who DIDN’T have a business, but could really benefit from what happened at those meetings… so now… I do both!

It’s for ALL WOMEN who are looking for MORE!

Facebook is an amazing way to build community online, but there is NOTHING like getting together in person! 

Join us at one of our Socials where you can Mix and Mingle with other women, make new friends or rediscover some “old” ones. Shy? Not sure it’s for you? Don’t worry, there will be fun activities to help you get to know each other! This is a TRIBE of women who have got your back and want to help you become your best you!

 Each event will be a little bit different… with guest speakers, personal development activities, discussion topics, games and so much more! We ALWAYS have food and drink options too!

I TRULY believe that when we connect with other women, share our dreams and passions and REALLY get clear on what it is we want in our life… amazing things happen!  This is not just business networking events, however, if you have a business, you are encouraged to bring a few cards… you never know who you’ll meet!

Hope you can join us for a night of Inspiring Connection!

xo Jenny

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Upcoming dates…

Connection_Butterfly2Friday, September 30th
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Friday, October 28th
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Friday, November 18th
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