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Ideal Client Workshops in Durham Region Ontario

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Discover Who – Ideal Client Avatar Workshop

You’ve done your business strategy, planning, and market research. You know your ideal client for your services or products, and your business is skyrocketing.



Not quite?

I’m Jenny McKee, Inspiration Coach & Self Employed Dynamo and I want to tell you that you are not alone. Big business schools tell us we absolutely must do our research before we go to market or risk EPIC FAILURE, but we’re not big business, are we?

We’re solopreuneurs and small business owners with passion. We’re women doing it for ourselves…or at least trying to! We don’t need a 34 page business plan and market analysis – we just need more clients!  If you love what you do and can’t figure out why you aren’t attracting more paying customers, this workshop is for you!



power of attraction

Who Do YOU Want To Work With?

You have the power to attract the ideal client for you. You may not know it yet, but you do!

So you want to work with people who simply adore you and refer all their friends? You can.

You want to work with clients who don’t mind paying a little (or a lot) more for a convenience or accommodation you can extend to them? YOU CAN!

Whoever you want to work with, you can attract. You just need to get clear about your ideal client avatar and things will start falling into place one by one.



Jenny, I Don’t Have Powers Of Attraction…

No more self limiting beliefs please! You do have the power of attraction and right now, you’re attracting doubt, so cut it out!

Let me help you by sharing my own story.  I have BUILT MY BUSINESS, attracted clients, manifested opportunities and created MY type of balance in my life with dream boards!  Before this, I was in a job, caged by someone else’s rules and schedule, building someone else’s dreams. I started learning about The Law Of Attraction and I started creating my visual cues to help me Dream, Believe and Become what I truly wanted to be. Today I am an Inspired Life Coach, a professional speaker, a workshop facilitator, and “The Dream Board Lady” of Durham Region.

Dream Boards and the law of attraction helped me and they can help you too.

Dream boards are a powerful tool in creating and attracting the life that you desire. Think of it as your Visual GPS, or your North Star… it’s something to keep you on track and motivated to be, do and have anything you want in your life INCLUDING Ideal Clients!! You just have to know what you want first!



OK, You’ve Convinced Me… I Have The Power… So, How Do I Tap Into It?

I’m glad you asked my friend!

Step 1 is to have the desire. You do – you’re here reading this page and are ready to come out and learn more.

Step 2 is to join me and my tribe of amazing local business women for an interactive dream board workshop.

I will guide you through the process to help you get clear on WHO you want to work with, WHAT qualities you want them to have, HOW you work with them, WHEN you get paid in the process, and how you WANT TO FEEL when working with your ideal clients.

You can start attracting those clients that are easy to get along with, that you LIKE, that pay on time or even before service, that understand your value and who totally match your vibe.

It all starts with your dream board…your Visual GPS…

dreamboard workshop for business


Welcome & Introductions

Get checked in, receive your dreamboard making supplies, grab a tea or a coffee and get settled. Chat with others and get comfy before we start group introductions where we each share a bit about our business and current clients.

10:00am – 12pm

“Discover WHO” Activities

I will guide you through activities and discussions around Discovering WHO your ideal client is. Using a variety of coaching tools, worksheets and discussion topics, you’ll get clearer on what your Ideal Client Avatar Dream Board will be all about.


Dream Board Building Begins!

The afternoon will be spent Dream Boarding. You’ll learn how Dream Boards work, and how to make yours even more powerful.   You will have size options to choose from. After the cutting, sorting and glueing is done, your new visual GPS is ready to help you attract your ideal clients.

3:00pm – 3:30pm

Sharing & Wrapping Up

You will have the opportunity to share your board and insights from the day with the group (optional) and let us all in on who YOU want to work with. A dream or intention is even more powerful when it is shared!

12-12;30pm – Lunch Break – Enjoy a delicious lunch of fresh salad, wraps, fruit and treats!

Workshop Event Details

Date: Fall 2017

Questions? Please call me, Jenny McKee at (905) 809-0922 or send me an email


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