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From Funk to Flow, a bit about me…

Who am I?  Well, that’s a GREAT question!

At home in my officeI’m a Mom.  I’m a Wife.  I’m a Friend.  I’m an Entrepreneur, I’m the Dream Board Chick…. I am also “just” Jenny.

You see, I’ve been on a path of  self discovery and personal development for years and years… and I still haven’t got “it” all figured out.  I mean, that’s the point of life isn’t it?  To keep evolving, growing and exploring what interests you… what inspires you… and what fuels your soul?

Well, that’s what I believe anyways!  I am TOTALLY that super positive chick that loves to talk about dreams, the power of possibility and how what we think about… we attract. EVERYTHING in our life, we have created… good and bad.  I always look for the positive in any situation, believe the best about others and LOVE teaching women how to get connected to their desires and live a joyful, abundant life feeling GREAT about themselves and their choices.  I LOVE to talk and could pretty much strike up a conversation with anyone (just ask my kids, I embarrass them all the time!).

BUT… I wasn’t always this way.

For MANY years, I lived in a cloud of depression and anxiety.  I was sad all the time, cried a LOT, and would wake every morning in full panic mode about the day ahead.  I call this my FUNK.  When I lived in the funk… I felt awful. Nothing would get done and I’d basically shut down in overwhelm.   I wasn’t as good of a mom, wife, friend or business owner as I knew I COULD be, but felt powerless to make a change.  I got really sick and lost my zest.  My relationships suffered, my health suffered and so did my career.

I was BEING & DOING everything for EVERYONE ELSE… and put myself WAAAAAY last on the priorities list.  I didn’t feel I was worth it, didn’t have time for it, and really… I felt selfish for wanting it.  I totally burnt out.

So… with some help from therapy, some meds and TONS of personal development workshops, books, retreats and conferences… I started discovering who I truly was and how my THOUGHTS were turning into THINGS.  When I changed my thoughts… I changed my life.  I started seeing that I was worth it, I was capable and I was stronger than I thought.

AND…. it was AMAZING what happened!

I got happier, my health improved and I was a much better mom, wife, friend and business owner.  I felt CREATIVE and INSPIRED…and LESS STRESSED! That’s when the magic started happening… I call this my FLOW.  Let me tell you,  when I’m in my flow… amazing shit happens.

THE FUNK still shows up sometimes, but now I have a lot more tools to help me get out of that funk… and back into my flow quicker and easier.  It’s taken a lot of work, but I believe I’m worth it.

Today, I share my story through my workshops, seminars and events so that other women will know that they are not alone, and that someone has their back.  That they too can BE, DO, or HAVE anything that they desire.  I especially love working with women in business, because after having several business’ of my own… I know what they’re going through.

My signature talk “Out of the Funk, Into the Flow” addresses those negative nagging voices in our heads that keep us feeling down, depressed, anxious, tired and uninspired.   I’ve been there and I want to help as many women as possible get out of THEIR funk and into their flow.

My motto is Dream. Believe. Become.  I think we need to DREAM Big, BELIEVE in possibilities (and ourselves) and then we can BECOME anything that our heart desires.   I invite you to take steps forward on your journey with me…. ’cause it’s a lot better when you surround yourself with a tribe of women who have your back and believe you are worth it too.

xo Jenny

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