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Dream Board Workshops

What Is A Dream Board?2 Boards

Dream Boards are a powerful tool in creating and attracting the life that you desire. Think of it as your Visual GPS, or your North Star… it’s something to keep you on track and motivated to be, do and have anything you want in your life.

A dream board is primarily done on poster boards of any size, which you customize with images, words and quotes that represent what you want MORE of in your life…

  • MORE Health
  • MORE Money
  • MORE Travel
  • MORE…. what do YOU dream of?


Are you a fan of Pintrest?? Those are a Dream Board too!… the thing is, when it’s on your computer… or jumbled up with so many other images, you lose site of what it is you TRULY desire.  When you come to do a Dream Board Workshop in person… you are able to unplug from online, connect with REALLY awesome women in person… and learn to MANIFEST some pretty incredible stuff!

It’s all about how you want to FEEL!

What happens at a Dream Board Workshop?

  • We talk about the Law of Attraction and how it all “works”
  • We talk about the power of thought, visualization and the impact in life
  • We clip out images and words that represent the things and feelings that we desire in our life –  all materials are provided, but feel free to bring along some of your own magazines, quotes or images that really resonate for you
  • We discuss why we chose the images… and then glue them down on our own boards as we set specific intentions for each of them based on our own desires
  • We talk about traditional goal setting… and why it doesn’t always work
  • We get better connected to ourselves, and the others in the group
  • We have fun!

You will take home your  Dream Board to hang at home or in your office… your Visual GPS!

Dream Boards

Participants from a November 2015 Dream Board Workshop (Full Size Dream Boards)

Why Should I Come Out To A Dream Board Workshop?

First, there is nothing like an Inspiring Dream Board Workshop!

Women need connection. Our friends and other women are our sounding boards, our support, and quite often, what keeps us going during the highs and lows in our lives.

When we feel connected, we thrive.

We dream bigger.

We believe in ourselves.

We are better women, moms, wives, employees and friends.

We need to be connected, plain and simple.

So join me for a special time of connection, inspiration and Dream Boarding.  Each workshop includes discussions to reveal your most fundamental core values, to help you discover your authentic self and to help you find, embrace and voice your true dreams and vision for your future.

“I look at my dream board and I feel inspired, worth it… It keeps me in a positive state of mind and it’s calming to me as well.  It truly signifies who I am.  A happy positive person who enjoys life.  So glad I found her again.

My dream board is an amazing tool to help me believe and become who I KNOW I am.. but somehow forgot.  It’s a visual reminder that it is all possible.

I would highly recommend Jenny’s Creating Inspiration Workshops to anyone who feels a little lost or uncertain on how to make even the smallest dreams come true”

Creating Inspiration offers 2 Types of Dream Board Workshops – Mini & Full.


What is the difference between a “Mini” Dream Board Workshop and a “Full” Dream Board Workshop?

The MINI Dream Board Workshop is designed to get you started with Dream Boarding.  You will have the option of choosing from 2 sizes of boards (small & medium) to work on.  This is perfect for people with less time, or just new to Dream Boarding.  Approximate time: 2 1/2 – 3 hrs.   Contact Jenny to find out any upcoming public dates or how YOU can book a Mini Dream Board Workshop for your own team or group.

The FULL Dream Board Workshop is the “Discover You Dream Board Intensive” This full day workshop blends some of the activities from our popular “Discover You Series” activities in the morning, followed by a full Dream Board Workshop in the afternoon.  Participants will have the option of choosing to do several smaller boards, or opt to use a large board.  The full day events can also be customized towards a particular theme (ie: Healthy Lifestyle, Stress Reduction, Travel, Business Goal Setting and more).

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