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Cup Of Tea With Jenny McKee


Personal Inspiration Coach – You, Me & A Cup Of Tea!

Are you looking for clarity? Inspiration? Direction?

Are you feeling stuck in negative patterns that are holding you back?

Feeling Funky and not in your Flow?

Book in for a Cup of Tea, with me, Jenny McKee!  I’ve been on my own journey of healing and self discovery for the last 15 years, and what I’ve learned has taken me Out of the Funk (of low self esteem, negative thought patterns, depression and anxiety) into an amazing place I call Flow.  I live each day in joy, happiness and abundance in my life AND business and know that YOU can too!  I love sharing the tools and insights I’ve learned along the way with other women who are tired of living a life they don’t love.  I am a woman, a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur of nearly 20 years, an intuitive healer, woman’s tribe builder and a hugger. Tap into my well of wisdom and get unstuck!


How does it work?  The 1st Cup is a 90 min one-on-one Discovery Session. We’ll meet and chat over a cup of tea/coffee (or wine if you like!) and see where you’re feeling the funk the most.  Tapping into my intuitive gifts and my real life and business experiences, I will guide you through a SELF DISCOVERY session so you can dig deep and get under the truth about any challenges you’re experiencing right now. Let me help you answer the questions that you are having about yourself, your business or your next steps in creating a life you absolutely LOVE.


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What Happens During A Session?

Before your session, I will send you a short set of questions to answer to set the stage for our time together.

On the day of your session, we’ll meet at The Birch Bistro in Bowmanville.

Your session is 90 minutes long.

We’ll start the timer and ease into conversation like two old friends having a cup of tea.

I will guide you down a path of self exploration, reflection and out of your funk and into your flow.

We can have a single visit or continue the therapeutic magic of coaching and mentoring over a series of sessions until you are actively and
confidently taking steps to create the life you truly want.

Are you ready? I know you are, because you’re here.  I know it can be scary to reach out, or to make a change,
but you already know that there isn’t anything to fear except continuing to stay stuck in an unhappy space.



How Much?

1st Cup, 90 minutes, survey & session,  $125

After the first cup… I’ll share with you some cup at a time or a 3 month coaching package, should you want to “keep the kettle going”!




What Happens Now?

Are you ready to begin?  Book online or send me an email below 🙂 I’ll send you a brief questionnaire to complete before our session so
I can get to know you better, don’t worry!  It’s easy! Looking forward to connecting soon! 


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