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Blogging… starting something new.

Start of Something NewIf you’re like me, I tend to put off things that I don’t enjoy doing,  or if I really dig deeper… it’s usually because I don’t think I’ll be able to do it “right” (yes… I have perfection issues!).  I can find a million other things that I think I “need” to do in order to avoid what I’m really supposed to be doing.

One of those things I’ve been putting off is blogging.   It probably would have taken me months to get started if I hadn’t signed up for a blogging workshop – and I am being “made” to write this today! Sometimes we just need a push or a deadline to make us take action.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for years. I knew that I wanted to write from the heart, more like a journal post or note to a friend.  I’d be honest, vulnerable and really express myself authentically.  I’d share my lessons that I have learned along my way in hopes of connecting with other women so that they, like me, didn’t feel as alone and knew that others felt the same way they did.  I’m AWESOME connecting in person and with heart to heart conversations… but when it comes down to putting it in writing and sharing it with strangers… well, that’s a different story.

What has stopped me from doing this sooner? Fear.

Fear of failure.  Fear of success.  Fear of rejection. Fear that I’m really not good enough and no one will want to hear what I have to say.  I’ve been journaling for years and can really get quite engrossed in my writing and will write pages and pages (thank goodness no one see’s that!) but as soon as I sit down at the computer to “write”… I freeze.  I second guess everything I’ve written (you should see how many edit’s I’ve made already!) and usually beat myself up, walk away and think that I’ll come back to it later when I’m in the “right” mood (which will never happen!).

Well if there is one thing I’ve learned along my journey, it’s that when fear shows up in my life, it’s the Universe showing me that I NEED to do it, and the only way I get past that fear is to take action.

So today, whether I think this blog post is good enough, is relevant or will connect with someone else… I’m going to take the bold step of putting myself out there as I am and publish this.   I’m sure that I’ll come back and look at this and find a ton of “should have’s” but I’ll also be able to say that I finally started something I’ve been putting off, and really… it wasn’t so bad.  I’m glad that I finally did this and know that next time, it won’t be as hard.  Because really… it’s the first step that is always the hardest.

How does fear show up in your life?  What have you been putting off because you were held back by fear?  What is one step that you could take to move forward?

xo Jenny


  1. You’re amazing…your blog is like to do the same…kudos jenny…

  2. Loved reading your blog and can relate in many ways. I think being honest to ones true self helps to keep me focused on what I want out of life by keeping all the positives in my life 🙂 It is unfortunate that fears keeps us from fulfilling our wants, needs and desires. One step for me to move forward is to remind myself that if I don’t try, I will never get there!

  3. Lovely! 🙂 proud of you expressing what many of us have rolling around in our heads! Looking forward to more my FF friend!

  4. Congratulations on your new path!

  5. Love your blog. I really related to your message and have been hearing the same message in my head. Amazing that fear really holds you back. Congrats on moving forward. You are spot on! Looking forward to hearing what else you have to say.

  6. Congratulations on your first blog – one of many I am sure! Most, if not all of us can relate to your struggle at least on occasion. For me its a frequent battle and I admire your courage to share so that we know we are not alone. You are always an inspiration & your first blog proves that!

  7. Such a huge struggle of mine. I’m actually feeling guilty about something I’ve put off since Jan 1. And it is the perfectionism in me that stops me. It’s the fear of failure. It’s the belief that there are more important admin stuff to do. But if I’ve learned from my past I’ve been able to grow from just doing it and I end up rocking it and surprising myself. Thanks Jenny for this reminder. I’m going to do it monday!!! You inspire me and I’m so proud of you.

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