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Affirmation Decks

“Just for Today”

A deck of Daily Affirmations to keep you Inspired, Empowered
and Feeling Fabulous  #FF!

Choose a card each day to receive messages, guidance & reminders to help you create a life you love. 

YOU create the life you want each day by setting your intentions and the thoughts you think…

Just For Today, choose to be present in each moment and love yourself unconditionally. 

You are Freaking Fabulous #FF just as you are!



The deck is divided into three categories


How to Use Your Cards

Body, Mind, Spirit (3 Cards)

Sort the cards by category, shuffle each category and ask the cards “what do I need to know for my  ____ (insert body/mind/spirit).  When one pops out, or you feel inclined to choose it, flip them over for your message from each category.  What is the overall message that you want to take with you today?

Just for Today (1 Card)

Shuffle all the cards together, asking “just for today, what do I need to know?” When one pops out, or you feel inclined to choose it, flip it over… that’s your reminder for the day.

~ Dream ~ Believe ~ Become ~

One Deck $35+hst ~ SAVE $5

Two or more Decks $30+hst ~ SAVE $10 off each deck!




Each deck comes in it’s own colourful Organza Bag (choose from Teal, Fuchsia and Purple) with a special charm reminder. 

Cards are 3 1/2″ xo 3 1/2″ and are of a glossy heavy stock, perfect for shuffling! All packaged by hand with love <3




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